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Title Insurance

Protect your greatest asset


Title insurance is a unique type of insurance which protects your ownership and your use of residential as well as commercial property.


An insurance policy which provides you protection and gives you peace of mind can be obtained at the time you purchase property and even after the property is put into your name.


The lawyer settlement agent or conveyancer you appoint to represent you on the purchase of your property will conduct a number of searches and enquiries for you but despite the most diligent of enquiries it is not possible to guarantee to you good title to your property.


Public records do contain errors or mis-description which it is assumed are correct or there may be another party that has a claim against the your property which does not come to light at the time you acquire your property.


Other examples of risks which a title insurance policy covers are:


  • Illegal buildings
  • Unapproved pergolas
  • Fences in wrong places
  • Pools with no building license
  • Unpaid taxes by prior owners


Even if you know there are illegal structures on your property or of some other risk to your title after your property is transferred into your name you can still obtain a title insurance policy but you will need to make full disclosure on the application form.


You pay only once for a policy of title insurance. There is no continuing annual fee.


The policy remains in place until you transfer your property to another at which time it terminates.


Where your property is inherited by your beneficiaries under the terms of your Will then your policy of title insurance policy continues to cover your beneficiaries until they transfer the property to another.


Title insurance in juxtaposition with the competent services of a settlement agent or conveyancer gives you the best possible protection when buying your home, an investment or commercial property.




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